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The best stir fry in town is the one you cook at home. 

As we cook regularly, our culinary talents are impacted by our knowledge, experience, and tools. Woks and frying pans are essential kitchen tools in Asian households that help give that authentic Asian cuisine flavor.

WokBang is renowned for manufacturing high-quality wok pans for both commercial and home use. These premium kitchen tools are composed of carbon steel that cooks food faster with less oil. The curved and spherical shape helps to assure less oil in the cooked meal. The huge size is also perfect for cooking large amounts of food.

Our wok's design allows meat and veggies to cook evenly throughout the pan. A carbon steel wok's tall sides produce two different heat zones that work to evenly cook your food. With two heat zones, heat is dispersed across a larger surface area due to its shape and construction. The sloping walls also make it easy to move the food around without spilling it.

All wok pans are carefully crafted to be naturally non-sticky. Not only is it larger in size, but it is also heavier in weight than a frying pan because of its heavy-duty purpose. And while a wok is mainly known to be used for stir-frying, it can also be used for other methods of cooking such as braising, steaming, deep-frying, stewing, and even smoking.

Restaurants use wok frying pans to prepare hot fresh food. However, anyone can cook and utilize a wok to create wonderful and delectable Asian dishes, whether professionally or at home. A nice and robust wok will enhance your cooking method along with filling every dish with rich Asian cuisine flavors.